‘Plant coffee’

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The National – Friday, June 24, 2011

EVERYONE in Lufa district, Eastern Highlands, has been challenged to plant 1,000 to 2,000 coffee trees to sustain their economic livelihood.
“Coffee is solely our major revenue earner and is our king in Lufa district,” Lufa MP and vice-minister for Health Yawa Silupa said.
“I want you to till your land to plant more coffee rather than depending on 30 to 40 coffee trees planted by your fathers to get drunk and cause a nuisance in the community.”
He said this to more than 1,000 people at Hegero village while launching the Haoka Pehuwo Community Development Association on Wednesday.
Yagaria LLG president Elvin Kafo described coffee as the “pay master” for the people of Lufa district.
He said coffee had been part of their life because it put money in their pockets.
The association was founded in 2009 with the aim to partner with government bodies and non-governmental organisations to facilitate development and community services for the people.
The leaders want to see people become self-reliant and sustain the living.
Silupa distributed five coffee pulpers, five knapsack sprayers and coffee pruning bow saws.