‘Proposed sex laws wrong’

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A SUBMISSION before the National Executive Council to legalise prostitution and homosexuality in Papua New Guinea is morally wrong.
Mendi MP and Southern Highlands Deputy Governor Pastor Isaac Joseph said in a statement that the bill will contribute to moral decay in the very fabric of a nation of Christians.
Joseph said this in response to media reports of a review undertaken by the Department of Community Development of sex laws to legalise prostitution and homosexuality.
“I challenge the Minister for Community Development Dame Carol Kidu to have a closer look, a morally closer look at this bill.”
He called on all civil society groups, churches, Christians, the unions and non-governmental organisations to stand up and vigorously oppose the bill.
“It is morally wrong even to think it up and to make it law is unthinkable. Such laws will cause social unrest.”
Joseph said the proposed law to legalise prostitution and homosexuality was to validate HIV/AIDS.
“HIV/AIDS is about people’s attitudes.
“We cannot legislate people’s behaviour and attitude.”
He said countries like Thailand had to legalise prostitution because of the downturn in their economy.
Joseph said God has blessed PNG with abundant natural resources like gold, copper and the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project coming on stream.
“Are we legalising prostitution and homosexuality because of the high HIV/AIDS rates or is the country so broke?”
“If people want to avoid sexually-transmitted diseases they must change their attitude.
“No laws will change them.
“We are a country of Christians and we must not deviate from facts.”
Joseph said public consultation must be done before introducing and even passing such laws that would have wider social and cultural implication.
“A few individuals trying to make laws must not be allowed.”
Joseph said the laws to review and to legalise prostitution and homosexuality must be thrown into the rubbish bin.
“What is the reason behind introducing such laws? Does this country need money?”
Joseph said what was needed were strong laws to punish sex workers and shut down brothels.
“We have to clamp down on illegal activities.
“We have to ensure that sex work is illegal and homosexuality is illegal.”
He said PNG must not be allowed to be influenced by other western and more developed countries.
Joseph said Dame Carol should be looking at introducing laws to empower women in society, youths and the informal sector.