‘Read to succeed’



READ, read and read widely.
That was one simple but pertinent message a well-educated parent left with final-year students of Divine Word University during their inaugural “thanksgiving service” staged by the university.
Melanesian Institute director, Reverend Dr William Longar, told the students to read profusely to increase their knowledge and understanding of the world.
Dr Longar said education did not stop after graduation and outgoing students must build the habit of reading widely.
“Don’t ever stop reading.
“Divide your fortnight pay between your cigarettes, buai and a book,” he said and cited himself as an example of one who read profusely even after graduating from the University of PNG in 1976.
He said certificates attained at graduations were symbolic of a much deeper change that education created.
“Education is a much deeper process of internalisation of deeper values,” he said, adding that education, when appreciated accordingly, transforms people both in character and in their professional calling.
Dr Longar was invited by DWU to speak on behalf of all parents of final year students.
DWU president, Fr Jan Czuba, came up with the idea of a thanksgiving service to thank the students and offer them to God before they leave the campus.
It was felt that the graduation ceremony was a big occasion where students were not acknowledged in person.
The ceremony included the awarding of the sic currite ut comprehendatis (run to win) crosses to all the outgoing students as a symbol of commissioning them to face the world.