‘Recognise churches’

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LAE city lord mayor James Khay wants the Government to consider parliamentary seats for a church and youth representative.
 Mr Khay said churches had been “the greatest contributors” to the nation’s development and deserved a seat in Parliament.
“As the Government prepares to welcome our womenfolk into Parliament, it should also seriously look at creating a seat for a church and youth representative,” he said.
“Churches have given so much to the citizens of this country yet lack recognition from the Government.
“The least the Government can do is give them the same opportunity given to women to let their voices be heard in the National Parliament.
“To add to the already existing problems in the country, law and order issues have also been increasing and to whom has the finger been continuously pointed-youths.”
Mr Khay urged the Government to give youths and churches the same importance and value being given to women.
“We have to consider churches and address their needs as well,” he said “A church and youth representative, either male or female, would be fair and just to society.
“Churches are the ones doing all the law and justice work in the communities.
“Without the churches many problems would not be solved and there would be more trouble by the youths in the communities,” he said.