‘Runaway’ vehicle kills teen in ENB

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A TEENAGER in East New Britain, who was returning for the holidays on Thursday, was killed by his father’s “runaway” Toyota Land Cruiser.
Seki Pius, 17, from Mortlock in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, was a Grade 11 student at Bugandi Secondary School student in Lae, Morobe province.
He was returning to see his family in East New Britain for the holidays.
The teen had arrived at Tokua Airport in the morning and was picked up by his father.
But on the way home, the vehicle developed mechanical problem when the open back vehicle “struggled” up Kenbot Hill towards their residence.
ENB police commander Supt Anthon Billie said the driver lost control of the vehicle which started rolling down the hill.
Passengers at the back of the vehicle then jumped off to the side but it is believed that Seki landed behind the vehicle and was crushed by a rear wheel.
He was pronounced dead on arrival at the St Mary’s Vunapope Hospital.
Supt Billie said the father took Seki’s body home and placed it in the family’s refrigerator.
“We then told the father to bring his son’s body back to Nonga Hospital’s mortuary under police escort,” he said.
Meanwhile, Supt Billie said the weekend was quiet in the province with no report of major crimes.