‘Seeing is believing’

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SEEING is believing as Pacific Games Association’s (PGA), Marshall Islands delegate, Anthony Muller found out when he touched down at the Jackson International Airport in Port Moresby last Friday.
Muller was among 25 delegates from 15 countries who were in Port Moresby over the weekend on a “see for yourselves” visit courtesy of PNG 2015 Pacific Games Bid Committee in their attempt to win votes from island countries to support PNG.
PNG is one of the three countries bidding to host the 2015 Pacific Games while others were Solomon Islands and Tonga.
Solomon Islands and Tonga were counting on their laurels as previous host for Mini Pacific Games.
Muller told The National during the welcome function at Lamana Motel last Friday that he knew “little bit” about PNG through the Discovery Channel and PNG is in the bush.
After being part of the PGA delegates in the country for the last two-days visiting sporting venues, accommodation (UPNG) and attending PNG Bid Committee presentations, Muller was far convinced that PNG is the best venue for the 2015 Pacific Games.
He said during the visit to the sporting venues that PNG was well-developed and had good sporting facilities and should become the host nation for the 2015 Games.
Deputy Prime Minister Dr Puka Temu urged members of PGA countries during the farewell function at Crown Plaza on Saturday night that they should support PNG and return to Port Moresby in 2015.
Cook Island delegates and the former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Henry urged the other Pacific Island countries at the same function that they all should return to PNG in five years time.
Sir Geoffrey strongly believed that PNG has all the facilities which are readily available and it only needed facelift and renovation to meet the Pacific Games standard to host the event.
Sir Geoffrey said island countries must support his vote to come and experience the diversity.
Others who voiced their support for PNG to host the 2015 Pacific Games include Rosie Blake, Niko Palamo Tuala (Samoa), Willy Uan (Kiribati) and Vailoata Amituana (American Samoa).
The delegates who visited PNG included former prominent weightlifter and now a politician from Nauru, Marcus Stephen, Atma  Maharaj, Charles Cali (Fiji), , Ken Tupua (American Samoa), Maru Talagi (Niue), Frank Kyota, Bakial Temengil (Palau), Richard Blas, Robert Steffy (Guam), Berney Martin, Theodore Rutun (FSM), Kenneth Kramer, Anthony Muller (Marshall Island), Michael White (Northern Marianas), Milton Bradley (Norfolk Island), Jean Marc, Joe Carlo (Vanuatu), David Collins, (Kiribati), Pres-Nimes Ekwon, Jason Agir (Nauru), Sir Geoffrey (Cook Islands), Tapasu Vui, (Samoa and Teake Manatu (Tuvalu).