‘Set new legacy at school’

Lae News, Normal

ABOUT 800 first year students at the PNG University of Technology were yesterday told not to allow anything to distract them from the primary purpose of being at the university.
Deputy leader of Opposition and Lae MP Bart Philemon issued the challenge when speaking during the orientation and registration programme at the Taraka campus.
Mr Philemon told the students that there was more freedom in universities and this could lead to pressures that could take students away from the primary purpose of being at the university, which is to study.
He urged them to plan now and make a resolution on what they want to be in four years time.
He said because Unitech was in his electorate, he has been awaiting a particular crop of students to leave a lasting legacy and to restore the institution to the great place of learning.
“Will you, the 2010 intake of Unitech students be the ones, I wonder?
“Again, I’ll be watching, and hoping, not too far away,” he told the students.
Quoting a teacher of leaders, Dr John Maxwell, the Lae MP said: “The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda  what you become is a result of what you do today.”
The students applauded Mr Philemon for his timely advice.
 On Monday, Vice-Chancellor Dr Misty Baloiloi issued a similar challenge, telling the students to set their goals for life now and to stay away from immoral activities that could destroy their studies and lives.
Dr Baloiloi urged the students to be captains of their destiny, making sure to return to the
navigational course they set, when they strayed or veered off-course and risked running aground on reefs.