‘Slow procurement led to poor morale and performance’

National, Normal

THE slow procurement process in the government system has led to low morale within the disciplinary forces.
It has also resulted in the lack of performance within the police and Correctional Services officers, leading to an increase in law and order problems, including prison escapes.
Goroka MP Thompson Harokaqveh said this to Goroka police last week while handing more than 105 mattresses and a set of new computers.
He said important items like uniforms, boots, firearms and other essentials needed for good performances did not arrive on time, thus leaving the officers dissapointed.
“There is a need for the government to revamp the morale of the police, correctional services officers and even soldiers,” Mr Harokaqveh said.
He said the people in Goroka had a lot of respect for the police and he and will continue to provide support to their crime fighting efforts.
Mr Harokaqveh said his Goroka joint district budget priorities committee (JDBPC) had allocated K100,000 for police.
“Last year, K50,000 was released for the police and the remainder spent on mattresses (K45,000) and computer set (K5,000),” he said.
The computers were presented to the police training unit and the mattresses distributed among the officers and their families.