‘Smart warriors’ idea the next Kumul evolution

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The National, Friday July 26th, 2013

 IN a full contact sport like rugby league brawn is a prerequisite.

But it is not the only ingredient to the game that is increasingly reliant on size, power and pace. 

Mixed into this should also be a certain tactical approach – some brains. 

The recently completed Team Kumul Camp 4, and the previous camps, have been geared towards instilling into our best and brightest rugby league talent that in essence, we have to change our accepted modes and style of playing the sport.

Rather than trying to break through the brickwall it is time our players looked at getting over the obstacle in a more efficient manner.

The ‘smart warrior’ concept introduced by Kumul coach Adrian Lam is simply about playing the game intelligently and efficiently as individual players and as a team.

This idea is not new. Playing rugby league in a manner that doesn’t involve running straight into a defender as the default option has been something fans, coaches, anaylists and commentators oberved countless times.

Our elite players need to foster an attitide that develops the quality of our play.

They need to maximise their talent by playing to their strengths and deveolping areas that will contribute to making a better team effort.

The sum of a whole is the value of it’s individual parts.

Former Wallabies coach Robbie Deans preached the ethos of “playing what’s in front of you” and this simply meant not being too predictable but also holding true to a structure.

In real terms this would mean playing to the game plan but being smart enough to make adjustments on the fly.

Completing sets, getting a good kick and chase on the 5th and defending well is structure. Using a variety of attacking kicks, standing deeper on attack, running decoys, etc… is smart play.