‘Sound mind comes with education’

Lae News, Normal

EDUCATION is the process of developing a sound mind to face life’s challenges.
It is about finding a balance between one’s spiritual and physical life, University of Technology (Unitech) Vice- Chancellor Dr Misty Baloiloi said.
Dr Baloiloi was speaking at the Markham Valley High School’s first Grade 12 graduation last Thursday.
“A lot of people think that education is a right and means to freedom in life,” he said.
“But this is the wrong mentality and should not be entertained in anyone’s thinking.
“This is because such attitude is like cancer and one that can totally destroy a person’s complete outlook on life.
“Many others like to shift the blame on three things – their genes or blood, their upbringing, and their parents.”
He challenged the graduating students to ignore the “the blaming game (and) “chose to proactively take charge” of their lives.
He told them that the best way to predict the future was to construct it themselves.
“A house builder could only make a house of his dreams if he constructs it himself or he takes charge of how it is designed and constructed,” Dr Baloiloi said.
“If that job is given to someone else other than yourself, then they would build something else for you.”
He urged the students to choose to rise to a higher level of responsibility and to embrace the virtue of responsibility as one of the foundations on which to build a future.
“Responsibility is not only to seek after organised knowledge but wisdom which is organised life,” he said.