‘Stolen’ vehicle driver arrested

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The National, Tuesday July 16th, 2013

 A 40-YEAR-old man was arrested during a routine police roadblock at the Barola section of the Highlands Highway, near Kainantu, Eastern Highlands, yesterday for allegedly being in possession of a stolen vehicle.

The man, from Koge village, Kamtai district, Chimbu, was picked up while on his way to Madang.

Leader of Barola reformed youths Masike Wingea said police alerted them to be on the lookout for car thefts after a number of government and private vehicles went missing.

Wingea, who travelled to Goroka yesterday to report the matter, said the man had been driving a white 10-seater Land Cruiser believed to be a stolen vehicle belonging to a district in Chimbu.

He said the man had allegedly changed the registration plate and added it to his own fleet.

“Police received complaints on the vehicle being lost and the number plates had been changed and were on the lookout for the vehicle,” Wingea said.