‘Stop the division in ENB’

Islands, Normal

ETHNIC groups in East New Britain province are urged to stop instigating and promoting divisive issues that can disintegrate the province.
This was in light of calls for Pomio MP and National Planning Minister Paul Tiensten to be sacked by the Prime Minister and the division in the National Alliance party.
Kokopo UPNG open campus tutor Phillip Kelaiu said the issue had somewhat caused division among the people of Pomio and Tolai.
“This is not right. Enough has been said and thrown at each other by different groups. It’s time to get together and resolve it.
“The Tolai must see Pomio or Baining or Duke of York and vice-versa because we are all from ENB,” Mr Kelaiu said.
He said he believed Governor Leo Dion, who was voted by the people of ENB, had seen something was wrong and took a stand to fight corruption.
“Mr Dion should not take Pomio presidents’ suggestion to hold a roundtable discussion lightly,” he said.
Mr Kelaiu said Mr Dion was trying his
best to run the province and people must understand his stand against corruption and not interpret his actions any other way.
“For some Pomio leaders to threaten not to support the province’s quest for autonomy was useless as it was a different process altogether being undertaken by the province.
“There should be a representation from all ethnic groups on issues affecting ENB, like autonomy and major institutions,” he said.