‘Swim or sink’

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A Papua New Guinea Government-owned entity has been urged to keep up with the changing and competitive environment industry it services to retain its percentage of the market share in the maritime service industry.
This warning comes amid strong competition entering the industry such as Curtain Brothers and Swire Shipping and those already in the market like Steamships Limited.
 PNG Ports Corporation Ltd, formerly PNG Harbours Board, was told by Deloitte Touche` Tomatshu to polish up it act or it would lose some percentage of its current market.
Its employees were also told to work on improving their corporate image and service delivery.
An advisor from Deloitte TouchÈ Tohmatsu, which was engaged to provide consultation services to help PNGPCL with its restructure, issued the warning at the recent PNGPCL meeting in Port Moresby.
This is so that the company can keep its share of the now competitive market while it was still undergoing its restructure.