‘Take this chance and use it wisely’

Faith, Normal


ABOUT 20 paroled and  parole on licenced prisoners from Bomana prison have been urged to connect with people who have positive attitudes in order to be motivated to keep from reverting back to doing criminal activities.
Pr Brian Sifhuieh Molus, who is heading the City Transformation Centre (CTC) located at a former notorious section in the Tokarara suburb, told both the old and recently released ex-inmates to learn to connect with different and positive men in the community.
CTC is a community initiative by the June Valley and Tokarara community headed by reformed youths and paroled prisoners who were trying to make a difference in the communities.
Last Saturday, CTC members turned in numbers to visit the prisoners who were just released on parole last Thursday.
Pr Molus said this was so prisoners could be in an environment where they would be encouraged and motivated to live positive and meaningful lives in the communities where they lived.
He also urged the prisoners to take hold of the second chances they were given to live lives as free men again after serving time.
The gathering included praise and worship, preaching of a short sermon and then the prisoners were given second-hand clothes and given food prepared by the community.
Pr Molus also urged them to seek first the Kingdom of God and then everything shall be given unto them.