‘Teach kids to respect life’

National, Normal


CHILDREN’S sense of respect for life must be developed and moulded at a young age so they grow up with the right attitude.
Western Highlands peace mediator Sent Kupal told The National young children had to be taught to understand and respect the laws of the country so that they grow up to be responsible, mature adults.
“In my role as a village peace officer, I am often involved in hearing village court cases involving sexual harassment, theft and domestic violence.
“This shows the people have no sense of respect for themselves and others. So, one way to address this problem in society is education, educating the young in school and at home about the value of life,” Mr Kupal said.
With the new school year about  to start, he urged teachers, especially those in the primary and high school, to spend more time in educating their students on social issues.
He said even though parents were the ones responsible in the upbringing of their children, teachers had more influence because they had an open dialogue to address the issues with their students.
Mr Kupal said students were directly exposed to peer pressure in school and they should be alerted about the dangers of mixing with bad company.
In addition, he said parents must ensure the atmosphere of love an care at home so that their children grow up learning to respect others and thus reduce lawlessness.
“The deadly habits of smoking, drinking and gambling afflicting youths today are due to lack of proper parental care and guide and peers,” Mr Kupal said.