‘Toxic’ chemical in canned tuna

Letters, Normal

MANY of the tuna industries in PNG are not aware of the toxic chemical known as histamine.
This substance is developed when the temperature of the tuna is not properly controlled, causing an increase in histamine from the fish’s tissue.
Some symptoms of consuming canned tuna with high level of histamine include :
* Boil on face and throat;
* Feeling itchy and start scratching your body; and
*Difficulty to rest properly.
Also, we have low grade tuna meat packed and canned and widely sold in PNG.
Tuna has white and black meat but in all the canned tuna sold locally contain only black meat.
I believe the good white meat is sold overseas and we, Papua New Guineans, are fed with black meat which is supposed to go to the dogs.
I call on the National Fisheries Authority to properly audit the tuna industries and make sure they follow set manufacturing standards and the right meat are processed and sold in PNG.

Allie Kolem