‘Update, submit forms’

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The National, Wednesday 12th June 2013

 THE Education Department is concerned about the numbers of teachers who remained suspended on the payroll because of the late submission of resumption of duty summary sheets.

It is urging provinces still processing their teachers’ documents to fast-track the exercise. 

Acting Education Secretary Luke Taita said the provinces must now make it a priority and submit the forms to Waigani as soon as possible.

“I am concerned that we still have some provinces which have more than 300 teachers still on suspension from the payroll.

“These provinces must work fast and confirm whether these teachers are actually in the school teaching or not. A lot of money could be saved.

“Second term ends on June 28 which is in three weeks. Therefore if these many teachers have not submitted resumption forms then we have to question or find out whether they are really teaching or not,” he said.

Taita has instructed all standards officers and provincial and district education officers to assist in the exercise. 

According to the department, as of pay day on May 31, 3,727 teachers were restored on the payroll compared to 3,071 on May 17 payday.

The total number of teachers still suspended from the payroll is 5,052 on May 31 compared to 5,708 on May 17. 

In addition, 1,055 new graduate teachers have been put on payroll. 

Taita said provinces must be responsible for the teachers they employed by making sure that the teachers completed a resumption form at the beginning of each school year. 

“Provinces must play their part by vetting these forms before they submit them to Waigani to be entered into the system so that teachers who are really teaching are not unnecessarily put off the payroll and affecting their livelihood and commitment to work.”