‘Uphold your Christian values’

Faith, Normal


STUDENTS passing out of church-run educational institutions have been urged to be firm in practising their Christian values and principles in practical life situations when faced with difficulties and temptations.
Shadow Education Minister and Henganofi MP Ferao Orimyo, urged more than 100 Grade 10 and 12 graduates during the 48th graduation ceremony at Asaroka Lutheran Secondary School outside Goroka, Eastern Highlands province, last week.
Mr Orimyo said churches invested a lot of resources to continue providing general and spiritual education so that they want to see their students live up to what have been instilled at school.
 “All graduating and continuing students should feel proud to be educated here because you are among the privileged,” Mr Orimyo said.
“In many ways, you are better off than many other schools in the country.
“Everyone here should be encouraged and reminded of our commitments to upholding Christian values in these most trying times.
“As Christians, we are duty bound and morally responsible to uphold our faith in God to set the standards of Christian life and living.
“By upholding our Christian values and principles, we can overcome many of the temptations of evil doings,” he said.
“This message is very important particularly for you students and other young people of this country.
“You are the future leaders and parents,” he added.
The MP stressed that the students must now for the kind of life they would want to live after leaving school.
Mr Orimyo alluded that the challenges of the 21st century were many and complex than in the past and school leavers and non-school leavers should uphold the Christian principles and moral values they acquired at mission school so that they could make better choices for a better future.