‘Waterless’ Kainantu is a prime location for cholera outbreak

Letters, Normal

The National

I AM terrified by the recent cholera outbreak in Morobe.
It is an infectious disease caused by consumption of water or food contaminated by the Vibrio cholerae bacterium.
I am very worried and concerned over the safety and well-being of my people living in and around Kainantu because the water supply has been blocked by Tapo landowners over compensation issues.
As a result, many of the people are resorting to water from the rivers flow in the outskirts of the town.
Basic Government services like hospital and schools are closing at noon because of water problems.
If the cholera outbreak were to reach Kainantu, I cannot imagine how many people will be affected.
The Kainantu Hospital is already stressed at the moment.
I dare not imagine the chaos if cholera were to hit the township.
I call on Kainantu MP Sailon Besseo and the EHP provincial government to be alert.
The people must start taking precautions if they have not already done that.


P.S. Toko