‘We need more police for LNG’

National, Normal

IMMEDIATE deployment of police personnel is needed to ensure  the security of the gas project, Komo local level government (LLG) president Thomas Potape said on Sunday.
Mr Potape, who is in support of the provincial government’s decision to ban liquor, reiterated his call for police presence in Komo before work starts on the multi-billion-kina gas project.
He said the statement from Libe Parindali about law and order affecting project work must be immediately addressed.
“Everybody has now disappeared after the excitement in signing the licensed-base benefit sharing agreement (LBBSA).
“The National Government must provide funding to have 40 to 50 police personnel on the ground.
“Why are we delaying the deployment of police in Komo?” he said.
“As LLG president, my priority is law and order but the council does not have money to address the issue.
“If funding is available, I will set up a checkpoint at Wara Tagali Bridge to monitor the movement of people and cargo into Komo.
“My numerous calls in the past for police presence have fallen on deaf ears and now the early works are being affected by law and order problems.
“We, the real owners of the gas, are still living with fire and candle light and that is not right. The owners of the gas must see development,” Mr Potape said.
Mr Potape also called on the National Government and Oil Search to clarify the status of the Komo to Ayagaipa road that was approved for funding under the tax credit scheme (TCS) four years ago.
“The funding of that road was committed under the tax credit scheme four years ago and we are still in the dark.”