‘We were not given ample time to relocate

Momase, Normal

SETTLERS in Madang, who have been issued eviction notices, have voiced concerns that they were not given ample time to move properties and their families.
The settlers numbering more than 50 from the Banana block, which is located behind the Lutheran School of Nursing, voiced their concern after they were given one week to voluntarily evict the State land and go back to the home provinces.
Following the public demonstration last week, the provincial law and order committee met and recommended that the settlements at Banana and Gagazi, which were previously evicted to voluntarily leave by Saturday, among other recommendations to the provincial executive council that endorsed.
However, the settlers said they respected the decision of the authorities but they were not given ample time to move and relocate as many of them were employed as security guards and shop attendants.
Community leader Joe Moka, who has lived in Madang for the past 28 years, said they were genuine citizens and the time given was insufficient as they should be given four to five week to move.
“Although we have been illegally residing on State land, they should understand that we are citizens of this country and we should be given ample time to secure funds to move as we have lived here  a long  time,” he said.