‘Where are our financial reports?’

Normal, Papua


THIRTY ward councillors in the Rigo Central local-level government, Central province, are appealing to their chairman and the Rigo district administrator to present the LLG’s 2008-09 financial reports.
They said they were in the dark about whether the funds appropriated for last year and this year were properly used.
Saroa ward nine member Makena Kila raised these concerns on behalf of the 30 ward councillors.
Mr Kila said taxpayers’ money should be put to good use so that services reached the people in the remote rural villages of Rigo.
“There are systems in place in Rigo district but the mechanisms are not functional in providing the financial reports this month, as in the previous year,” he said.
Mr Kila is calling on the Central provincial government and the Provincial and Loca Level Government Affairs Department to investigate the delay and tell them that nothing was amiss.
He is blaming the Rigo district administration, district treasury and LLG administration for not providing the financial reports to the ward councillors on time.