‘Wives are not dogs or pigs to be beaten’

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BOROKO District Court magistrate Lorna Sani says wives are not dogs or pigs to be beaten by their husbands.
“They are just as human as men. They have the same rights and they have to be treated decently,” she said after discharging a wife beater yesterday.
Jacob Meck, 40, from East Sepik province was charged with causing grievous bodily harm to his wife but she lodged an application for the charge to be dropped and the matter to be resolved at home.
“Wife battering is a criminal offence, did you know that?” Ms Sani asked.
Ms Sani said: “Men are to take good care of their wives and daughters, not beat them. If they did something wrong, the best is to talk to them in a civil manner but never turn to violence.
 “Assaulting your wife is a crime, look after your wife and children properly.”
Ms Sani dismissed the case and advised the couple to seek counselling, which was available if they needed further help.
In another case, Ms Sani said those who wish to trade in the National Capital District (NCD) must have a vendor’s licence.
She said this after John Samarai ,57, from Ondara village, Gumini in Simbu, was found guilty of selling betelnut and cigarettes without a vending licence.
Samarai, who was released on bail of K50, was cautioned and discharged.