‘WNB needs all LJS agencies present’

Islands, Normal

CHIEF Justice Sir Salamo Injia said the physical presence of all Law and Justice Sector agencies in West New Britain will enhance delivery of legal and justice services to the people.
“The sector can put in place different steps and measures to bring about service delivery into WNB.
“One of the basic things that we need to address is physical presence in the province.
“All the agencies are represented in this province except the Ombudsman Commission,” he said at a dinner hosted by the National Coordination Mechanism in Kimbe last Friday.
“I appeal to the Chief Ombudsman to shift his strategy to make WNB as a home for the Ombudsman Commission.
“We would like to see the presence of the Law and Justice Sector agencies at all levels in WNB,” Sir Salamo said. 
He added that the judiciary would like to be present at the National Court, Supreme Court and down to the district court and village court levels.
“We need to be felt at all levels of the community.
“That is the only way we can be effective in service delivery to all our people.”
Sir Salamo also announced that the judiciary had declared Bialla, Talasea, Kandrian, Hoskins, Bali-Vitu, Gasmata and Cape Gloucester as National Court sitting places.
He said some of the initiatives had been taken by resident judge Justice David Cannings to visit a number of those locations on circuit.
“Unfortunately for WNB, the judiciary had decided to post the resident judge to Madang. But we have a replacement coming.
“Justice John Kawi and will be based in Kimbe from next May onwards.
“I can say that Justice Kawi will do a good job as Justice Cannings.
“I have every confidence in him,” he said.