‘Women not to become preachers’

Faith, Normal

FEMALE members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCPNG) do not support the idea of women becoming evangelists.
Rev Jemima Krey, head Bishop of Gereja Kristen Injili di Tanah Papua Lutheran Church of West Papua, urged Papua New Guineans to leave aside the Melanesian cultural taboos restricting women from carrying out holy work and to support them in becoming pastors.
“We women must realise that throughout the world’s history, God has used many women to change societies into good societies, and with God’s help women can do his works,” Rev Krey said.
While many women agree with Rev Krey, others are fiercely opposed to women becoming pastors and bishops.
“I support Rev Krey’s message of women to assist in church work such as being Sunday school teachers, doing evangelism work among the women folk, that is OK, but to hold holy positions such as pastors that is not right,” Naomi Wilkins, an academic and staunch Lutheran, said.