‘Women taking dangerous path’

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The National, Friday 10th May 2013

 WOMEN Arise movement is leading women on a dangerous path with its planned national haus krai (house of mourning) next week which is likely to provoke more acts of violence, according to the president of Liklik Infomol Bisnis Meri Asosiesen, Mary Pohei.

“More women are likely to fall victims because of this movement and more foreigners could be targeted,” she said.

“The movement defeats its own purpose by choosing a foreigner and worse still, a male to lead the group and it is a mockery to the intelligent women in the country.”

She said having a haus krai for the victims of all forms of violence made women weaker.

Pohei was responding to Women Arise’s spokesman Rev Stephen Michael Leach’s comments on her previous statement that the planned event painted a bad picture.

Leach referred to Pohei’s association as a small minority who disagreed with the use of the term national haus krai.