‘Work hard and receive help’

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SCHOOLS in Eastern Highlands province, will continue to receive help from the Government if they work hard.
Eastern Highlands provincial administrator Munare Uyassi said this in front of more than 500 people who gathered to witness the official opening of a duplex teacher’s house at Asaroka Lutheran Primary School in Daulo district, last Thursday.
Mr Uyassi said Eastern Highlands provincial government had inadequate funds to support all schools throughout the province, however, priority and support will only be given to hard working schools who struggle to help themselves.
He said the province had a budget of K200 million annually where K80 million went to teachers salaries and the rest for infrastructure development.
Mr Uyassi said after these there was insufficient funds left for school infrastructure.
He applauded the board of management and administration of Asaroka Primary School for building the new teachers’ house.
Mr Uyassi made a commitment on behalf of the provincial government to build another teachers duplex for the school.