“shut up” Agiru tells hospital boss

National, Normal

SOUTHERN Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru yesterday urged Tari Hospital boss Dr Bravy Koensong to “shut up” and concentrate on doing his job of delivering health service to patients.
Governor Agiru said the operations of Tari Hospital should not be dependent on a Memorandum of Agreement.
Dr Koensong was reported in this newspaper yesterday as saying the delay in the signing of the MoA would seriously affect the operations of the hospital.
“The signing, between Agiru and the Health Department, was to take place in September last year,” he claimed.
Dr Koensong was apparent referring to a K20 million that was to be released through the MoA for the upgrade of the hospital.
But Governor Agiru said the K20 million is awaiting the award of contract by the National Government before the MoA could be signed or the funds released for the upgrade to start.
“Public servants like Koensong should shut up and prove that they can do the job. K800,000 was allocated to the hospital to improve infrastructure there.
“Public servants should not undermine the Administrator by running directly to the media,” Mr Agiru said.
He said all public servants should knuckle down and deliver with the resource provided by the provincial government.