10 back in jail after mass escape


TEN of the 41 prisoners who escaped from Kerevat prison in East New Britain have been recaptured.
Eight of them are regarded as high-risk, said acting provincial police commander senior inspector Joseph Tabali.
The 41 prisoners escaped on Nov 23 between 2pm and 3pm.
The 10 prisoners were captured during a 14-day police operation which would run to the end of this week.
Tabali is calling on members of the public to help police with information.
“Right now people in the communities, especially mothers and young women, are living in fear,” he said.
“We can address this if we all work together and provide information on the whereabouts of the prisoners, including 22 high risks, so they can be recaptured and serve their time in prison.”
Tabali is also calling on the prison authorities to have an internal enquiry into the breakout.
Back in custody are:

  • Francis Boni, from Malakuna 4, serving two years for possession of offensive weapons;
  • Jack Bilak, from Ravat, serving two years for GBH
  • Tom Chen, from Tagitagi, serving six months for damaging properties;
  • Daniel Boas, from Nowa in AROB, serving 10 months for possession of illicit spirits;
  • Kaur Nuruk, from Raluana, serving seven years for murder;
  • Steven Waula, from Raluana, serving seven years for rape;
  • Henry Francis, from Ratung, serving 14 years for armed robbery;
  • Henry Wartia, from Nguvalian, under remand and facing theft charges;
  • Joseph Umin, from Gunanba, under remand and facing rape charges; and,
  • Simon Baining, from Vunamami 1, under remand and facing robbery charges.