10 clans to share K12m

National, Normal

The National, Monday October 21st, 2013

 LANDOWNERS of Tari Airport will share K12 million allocated by the State, meditation talks with the Hela provincial administration agreed.

Homaria Poropaija clan spokesman, Jacob Andaja said the 10 clans identified that owned specific hectares of land would be allocated the money.

He said the payment of the second batch of K12 million had to be shared between the sub-clans and not associations or business groups because not all were to benefit from the funds.

“Homaria Paropaija and other majority landowners have not given any power of attorney to anybody, including lawyers or associations,” he said. 

“We want the payments to be made according to the agreement and into the agreed account that was witnessed by the registrar of the national court because all members of sub-clans have agreed and signed.”

Principal landowner of Portion 107 and Kia Kopiria clan spokesman, Timon Henry Hebari said the State had allocated K12 million in 2012 but the funds was held in a trust account because the landowners were still involved in fights.

He said the Hela provincial government held meetings with landowners in Tari as ordered by the court and agreed to share the funds properly.

The landowners promised to stop fighting and share the funds.