10 new buses to reduce rush for PMVs

National, Normal

THE nation’s capital will soon be welcoming 10 new modern, 40-seater buses to be used as public transport for city residents.
The buses are expected to reach PNG shores on Saturday and will cater for at least 400 more passengers, easing the transport burden faced by city commuters rushing for buses to and from work every day.
According to NCD Governor Powes Parkop, the purpose of having the 10 new 10 buses was to “set up a reliable, efficient and affordable bus service in the city that is safe for women and children.”
Mr Parkop said after returning from a trip to Brisbane that the buses have been donated by the Brisbane City Council and have a life span of 15 to 20 years.
Mr Parkop also emphasised that the move is not to put current PMV owners out of business but to work in partnership with them.“The city is changing and development is taking place, so the demand for public transport is higher,” he said.
He said with the issue of climate change, there will be “less need” for PMVs.
A proposal will be forwarded to the Land Transport Board where the “new buses will run two circular lines at a fixed time and rate.
“PMVs can run a shorter route and save them wear and tear,” the Governor said.
He said Port Moresby has a growing population, business houses are growing and there is a great need for efficient, reliable and affordable public transport.
The Governor expressed his appreciation to the Brisbane City Council, especially the Lord Mayor and the staff.
The initiative was greatly supported by NCDC, the Yumi Lukautim Mosbi programme and the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Meanwhile, PMV operators and drivers in Port Moresby have been warned to obey traffic rules and focus on safe driving practices if they want to remain in the transport business.
National Capital District traffic officer-in-charge, Michael Kanguma, issued the warning to drivers of PMV buses and taxies telling them to “clean up your act or stay out of the business if you cannot”.
Mr Kanguma said traffic laws will be fully enforced from now on and the drivers needed to obey the laws.