10 new pastors ordained in WHP

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THE Evangelical Lutheran church of PNG in Western Highlands province celebrated the ordination of 10 new pastors last Friday.
The ordination was held after the closure of the week-long Hagen district 39th conference hosted by the Kotna circuit, on of the 13 circuits in the district.
Acting Hagen district Bishop Rev Jau Rapa conducted the ordinations of the new pastors which was witnessed by church members from the 13 circuit who attended the conference.
Members of the public were also present.
Rev Rapa said being a pastor was not easy and they had a big role to play when looking after the spiritual well-being of the people.
He said their two most important duties were to preach the Good News and give sacrament to the people.
Rev Rapa told the new pastors that the new title now attached to their names would be with them for their life time.
Meanwhile, Bishop Rapa appealed to Christians to look after their pastors properly when they were working within their communities.
He said pastors depended on the community to support them carry out their spiritual work.
Bishop Rapa said it was not good when some Christians said the pastors would get their reward in heaven and never bother to support them.
“When you say pastors will get their pay in heaven, where do you think you will receive yours?” he asked.
Bishop Rapa said indirectly, the people were saying that pastors would go to heaven while they  go to hell.
He said Christians needed to change their mentality and start looking after their pastors in order for the pastors to carry the work of the church forward.