100 farmers benefit from foundation’s rubber project


About 18,000 rubber seedlings have been distributed among 100 farmers in 20 South Fly
villages in Western province to date this year.
Following a recent visit, Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) programme manager for services and sustainable development Eric Kuman said the 18,000 plants distributed were planted on more than 40 hectares of land.
He said that the demand to plant rubber has increased dramatically over the years.
“At present we are lining, pegging, extracting and distributing rubber seedlings to Manawete, Dudi and Suki area.”
Kuman said that all the rubber seedlings from OTDF’s Sturt Island nursery in the South Fly District would be distributed by August this year.
“I am very excited that the South Fly people see the importance of the LDP programme and are investing their time to plant rubber for their future. OTDF will make every effort to put money in their pockets through rubber, eaglewood and rice,” he said.
He said that his officers would spend more time committed to extension services.

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