More than 1000 get NID cards, birth certificates


MORE than 1000 people in Umi-Atzera, Markham, have had their national identification cards and birth certificates processed through an initiative of a cooperative society.
Teachers, members of community-based organisations and villagers in the Umi-Atzera LLG area – all totalling 1391 people – received their cards and certificates from Markham MP Konnie Iguan, pictured, on Friday through the Ngasa-Asam Cooperative Society, of Mitsing village, in partnership with the Morobe division of community development.
The cards and certificates were issued to 10 community-based organisations, eight villages, 12 primary schools and the Umi Vocational Centre. More than 800 adults received their cards and 589 children their certificates.
Geasa said cooperative members purchased five laptops and a desktop to help community development officers complete the registration.
Morobe community development adviser Kiun Kimbing said there were a lot of issues in delivering community services to people and the initiative by Mitsing village was an encouragement for other villages.