1000 water tanks ready for delivery to earthquake victims


THE Government is providing about 1000 water tanks to people in Southern Highlands and Hela whose water supplies were damaged during February’s earthquake.
Emergency Controller Dr Bill Hamblin said kits would be sent to the two province, Western and Gulf. Delivery of food supplies by ship to Western and Gulf is continuing.
“The emergency disaster restoration team is working with the provincial disaster coordination teams so that supplies sent are distributed to the affected communities and institutions,” he said.
Hamblin said a ship containing water tanks had left for Western and Gulf. A ship carrying relief supplies was sent to Western last month.
He said people in the two provinces were suffering from the downstream effects of the earthquake.
“So the supplies sent are for the most vulnerable communities. They are in dire need,” Hamblin said. Southern Highlands provincial deputy administrator Fiebik Kilip said the provincial disaster coordination team received the first 40 (9000-litre) water tanks on Saturday.
He said the provincial disaster coordination team had a warehouse set up at Oiyarep village – a 15-minute drive from Mendi town.
It was moved from Mendi airport after it was broken into and looted.
“The stopover in Hagen and elsewhere is causing delays with logistic arrangements. Also trucking companies from Southern Highlands must be engaged in doing the deliveries.”

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