11 quarantined in ESP

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ELEVEN people from Wingei in Yangoru, East Sepik, who returned from Jayapura two weeks ago, have been identified by the people in the village and reported to the Yangoru-Saussia Covid-19 response team.
The 11 have been told to isolate themselves and are being monitored by village leaders and police from Yangoru.
East Sepik police commander Supt Albert Beli said the 11 had returned from Jayapura after selling their vanilla beans.
He said the state of emergency was already declared when the people came back so they had to isolate themselves and health officers from Yangoru hospital attended to them and collected their blood samples for testing. He said he was happy with the community and the relatives of the 11 people.
Supt Beli said the 11 people who were identified were quarantined in the village.
He said increase in vanilla prices led to the people disobeying instructions issued since last month.
“I do not know when the people will listen and obey simple
instructions and try to stay in their houses to avoid the spread if the disease.
“We hope and pray that they will be okay and it will be a lesson to the others who are hiding and moving around when the Government had declared the state of emergency and 14-day lockdown.”


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