13 women to contest

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013

 THIRTEEN women are among 405 candidates contesting the Madang local level government elections.

The electorate covers Transgogol, Ambenob and the Madang Urban LLG.

Returning Officer Philip Enn said in Transgogol, 103 are contesting – 74 for council seats and 29 for president.

Ambenob has 37 vying for presidency.

Bogia has 144 candidates – 129 in Yawar, four in Iabu and 11 in Almami.

Two women are among the 345 candidates in Middle Ramu.

For Raicoast, 252 nominations were received with 43 indicating their interest to run for president to represent the 84 wards.

In Sumkar, Karkar and Sumgilbar, 215 have been nominated. In the 64 wards – 33 in Karkar and 31 in Sumgilbar – 168 will contest council seats and 47 going for the president’s seat.

For Usino-Bundi, Usino has 12 registered, 50 for Gama and Bundi 146.

Usino-Bundi has three LLG’s – Usino, Gama and Bundi.

Usino has only 12 registered according to town records, Gama has 50 and Bundi 146.

Enn said updated records were still forthcoming from those areas including parts of Middle Ramu.