Gonjuan joins race for PNGFA post


SOCCER’S domestic politics heats up as John Wesley Gonjuan, pictured, announced his candidacy for the Papua New Guinea Football Asociation’s presidency.
Gonjuan, who is currently an operations manager with the local organising committee of the Fifa Under-20 World Cup, is the president of the Port Moresby Soccer Association.
He was nominated by the Kimbe Soccer Association to take on incumbent David Chung and main challenger John Kapi Natto for arguably PNG sports most sought after sports position.
Kapi Natto described Gonjuan’s entry into the race as a vote-splitting ploy as the country’s soccer governing body gets ready to meet on Dec 28 in Kimbe.
Kapi Natto, who is president of the Hekari Soccer Association in Kutubu, Southern Highlands, alleged that the upcoming election was rigged by the PNGFA secretariat and the electoral code committee.
He claimed that some football centres and associations such as Mt Hagen, Simbu, Kimbe and New Britain Palm Oil were not compliant to the PNGFA as they had not run football competitions.
Kapi Natto said that he had not heard anything from PNGFA or the electoral code committee from Nov 3-27. The dates is the time period given for candidates to be registered and for the PNGFA and electoral code committee.
Kapi Natto claimed the PNGFA had kept the process quiet undermining the election process.
He warned that the PNGFA elective congress was being organised under questionable circumstances.

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