14 nabbed in drug operation

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THE cultivation and use of illicit drugs such as marijuana in Morobe village communities are becoming major concerns.
They said the problem was becoming a major headache for them.
On Wednesday, CID detectives from the provincial command brought in 14 young men from Salamaua, who were now in the lockup at the Lae police station following their arrest early on Monday.
During the raid at Kametan and Lagui villages, 144 marijuana plants were uprooted with provincial police saying this was the biggest drug raid so far in the Salamaua area, with this haul estimated at netting K10,000 at street value.
The youths were believed to have been supplying users from Salamaua and Lae with two out of the group being dealers while 12 grew the marijuana.
Their arrest followed a tip-off from village leaders and Salamaua LLG manager Joe Paru had commended peace officers and village magistrates for their part in making sure the young men faced the law. 
Four murder suspects were also apprehended in the early morning raid which was led by police first constable Malum and senior constable Kuve.