14 refugees voluntarily transfer to transit centre


POLICE reports out of Manus confirmed that 14 refugees voluntarily left the regional processing centre, got onto a bus with their belongings and were transported to the East Lorengau transit centre yesterday.
A statement from the police media unit said for the new camp site in Ward 1 for non-refugees now has a total of 14.
For the East Lorengau transit centre we have a total of 43 refugees.
“So a total of 57 have so far moved into the new locations as of today,” the statement said.
Manus remains quiet, with police monitoring the situation.
Manus police boss Chief Inspector David Yapu said the refugees voluntarily loaded three buses and an open-back truck with their belongings and were transferred to the transit centre.
“Police were there to facilitiate the smooth and orderly transfer. This was a good sign –for them to allow the process to flow smoothly,” Yapu said.
He said the ICSA and police were confident that a large number of refugees and asylum seekers were  expected to voluntarily leave the centre  after learning that the Supreme Court decision this week was not in their favour. The facility at East Lorengau transit centre has food, water, electricity, sanitation and sewerage with healthcare provided, unlike their old centre.
Yapu said a standby generator that was used by the refugees at the old centre was shut down and removed by ICSA and police on Tuesday.