15 in Kandep by-election fray

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A TOTAL of 15 candidates have nominated to contest the Kandep Open electorate by-election in Enga province when nominations closed last Wednesday.
Ousted member Don Polye was among the 15 candidates who nominated, along with successful election petitioner Luke Alfred Manase.
It is an all-man affair as no woman has nominated to contest the Kandep Open electorate by-election.
Immediately after the close of nominations, acting deputy electoral commissioner – operations, John Kalamoroh, and acting director elections administration Peter Malaifeope – witnessed the conduct of the order of draw of candidates.
The candidates and the draws are as follows: Peter Mission Yaki (Box 10), Win Amos (11), Luke Alfred Manase (12), Kenneth Yonge Andrew (13), Lesri Mose Yaka (14), Don Pomb Polye (15), Buka Piri (16), Be Pepo (17), Kunda Lea (18), Wage Moses Liu (19), India Rasta Pupakai (20), Depo Danny Kaundu (21), Leo Limbo (22), Robin Aipi Kurum (23) and Herman Yamugi Anep (24).
Meanwhile, it was found that six candidates are yet to give their ID or passport size photographs for candidates’ posters.
As such, the returning officer for the Kandep Open by-election, Poevare Torre, urged the six candidates to hand in their photos by tomorrow.