15yrs for attempted murder

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A 35-YEAR-OLD man was jailed 15 years by the National Court in Waigani for attempted murder about two years ago.
Acting judge Justice Laura Kuvi on Monday described Daniel Gamu’s act of violence as a “senseless and vicious attack”.
“Violence continues to be the problem solving mechanism in our society,” she said.
“This sentence must reflect the seriousness of this offence and a message must be sent out to the wider community that violence is never a solution.”
Justice Kuvi said it was unfortunate that both Gamu and his victim were not strangers, both from Hela and once good friends.
On Oct 15, 2019, in the 9-Mile settlement in Port Moresby, Gamu slashed his victim with a bush knife several times after he heard that his elder brother was attacked by the victim over an argument.
He first slashed the victim on the left side of his head right down to the back of his ear measuring 7cm. The second slash was across his neck which measured 15cm. His left arm was slashed in a third swing.
The victim then raised his right hand to block the next swings which resulted in dislocating his elbow.
Gamu continued cutting him when he was lying on the ground.
Justice Kuvi said: “It is a challenge where people are so quick to react and take sides rather than finding out the true facts and becoming problem solvers.
“It showed a strong desire to protect family at all cost without care for the importance of people’s life.”
Justice Kuvi refused to accept Gamu’s submission through his counsel for medical condition.
“In offences such as violence, the views of the victims are important,” she said.
Justice Kuvi deducted 29 days Gamu spent in custody and would serve 14 years, 11 months and one day in Bomana Prison.