15yrs in jail over partner’s death

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A MAN who caused the death of his girlfriend by punching her, forcing her to jump out of the car he was driving, has been jailed for 15 years.
Richard Namaliu, 28, of Vunapope village in Kokopo, East New Britain was convicted of manslaughter for causing the death of Ruby-Anne Laufa, a former Miss PNG queen, on Feb 11, 2017.
Justice Teresa Berrigan said it was yet another case where a woman died at the hands of a current or former boyfriend, someone she should have been able to trust.
“Women are an integral part of society,” Justice Berrigan said.
“They are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity. They have the same rights and privileges as men.
“They are entitled to fully participate in, and benefit from, the development of the country.
“This is only possible when women live free from fear of violence or death in their own homes or at the hands of their husbands, partners or boyfriends.”
The court was told that while travelling in a moving vehicle, Namaliu punched Laufa several times which caused her to jump out, resulting in her death.
Justice Berrigan called it an unprovoked and cowardly attack.
“The offender’s moral culpability is not diminished by the fact that the deceased jumped from the vehicle.
“It was the (his) conduct that drove the deceased to jump from the moving vehicle and caused her death,” she said.
“There was no means of escape available to the victim other than to jump from the car. Her last moments would have been spent in pain and fear.”
Laufa was just two days shy of her 25th birthday and was just beginning a career in law, having obtained a Bachelors of Law degree from the University of PNG in 2014.
As Miss PNG, she represented the country in 2013 at the Miss Pacific contest in Samoa where she was the runner-up.
Justice Berrigan considered in mitigation that Namaliu was a first time offender, previously of good character, and a businessmen who employs 13 people from various settlements in Port Moresby.
The court was also told that his companies supported charity work and his catering company provided meals to patients at the Port Moresby General Hospital every Christmas.
The court was also told that Namaliu and his family had apologised to Laufa’s family and offered compensation which was rejected.
Namaliu will be remanded at an isolation facility inside Bomana Prison for at least two weeks before being transferred to the main compound, subject to medical assessment.


  • This ruling shows that life is important. No one has the right to take away another person’s life unless it is an accident. Murder laws must be seriously enforced to curb people from committing murder. Life is precious.

  • 15 years is not reasonable. A life was lost in the hands of a Jealous Person.
    Jealousy was the cause of her death. HE deserved to be LOCKED away for more than 30 years, than justice will be served.
    A real man will contain his anger and frustrations.

  • The sentence is fair however when you really look at the current way of life, women/girls always want to jump out of cars, houses etc. Real woman accepts and talk things through. this is what bulk of the woman are advocating nowadays.

    • Yarika. U have a stunted logic. How can u expect a woman to accept the beating n talk things out when you are trying to kill her. As a human being, she will try to escape rather getting killed. I wish this happened to your mother, daughter or sister. Only then I think you will develop a civilised logic.

  • 15 years incarceration straight and no parole would be little justice as Ruby is gone forever.

    If young Ruby was my Miss PNG, I would not have done that stupid thing. She would be mine forever as not many of us young PNG man would have had a chance to befriend a young beautiful and educated woman like late Ruby.

    Richard you are an evil young man…prison and all the inmates await you arrival to soap you.

  • Every good things can be done for years by a genuine person for the good of everyone, eg: our philanthropist brother RN, but a single negative action can cover every good deed you have done, just like what RN did. so, on the other hand, how can a person who cherish and care for others as reported in the paper punched his girlfriend/wife several times on the face and pushed her out of the moving vehicle. its hard to understand such a person. Then it is the devil who is the philanthropist, so let justice prevail for such inhumane character goon.

  • Thank you Judge Berrigan. At least our hearts rest easy for now as some justice is served.

    However, not really satisfied with the 15 years given. Should have been something above 20 years.

    Years given for all murder cases should not be subject to parole, considering that a life is lost forever.
    James 2:13 says; and I quote:
    “For Judgement is WITHOUT Mercy to the one who has shown no Mercy. Mercy triumphs over Judgement”.

  • The UK is increasing the duration of sentences for serious crimes.
    When they were pushing for ending hanging abolitionists promised that a Life Sentence would be life and so a better deterrent. Over the years here since hanging was abolished the sentences seem to have got more lenient and criminals know they only have to serve half of it. So at least the UK’s new Act will make it a minimum of two-thirds to be served.
    Is there a similar discounting of sentence in PNG?

  • I think the justice is fair, they were boyfriend/girl friend, officially engaged/ dis ganged, there was a relationship all parties to were aware {Parents of both}. For the young women she was given the Title PNG Miss Queen, there were some good qualities in her life the Judges identified & honored her..These good high qualities are of the inside, then there was a problem inside, should have said no, “I’m not coming with you now, next time see you bye” she should have the control measure to control, did not, there for judgement is fair…..

  • Bro, why tru yu go lo haus door blem na kamapim disla hevi. U wrong pinis nau, sapose u mahn inap. Dropim m tasol na kisim meri lo ples blo yu wer by utupla istap gud. nau u makim narapla hevi olgeta. Sorry stret but servim sentence blo yu good na kam out.
    All the best.

  • Roja

    I agree with you 15 yeas is a jke and its a president for other murdrers to follow and they will still kill people.
    Live yer in prison is more reasonable for Namaliu and this Jiwaka native as Koivi.

  • 15 years but no parole, then be fair. a life is gone and he is free and breathing. sorry for the life that is lost for ever with all the good qualities. a shame on educated person like him. Educated long skin tasol na mind for change nogat.

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