16 graduate with basic life skills

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SIXTEEN people, including three nurses, graduated last Friday after a two-week baking and cooking course facilitated by Talleres De Nazaret Training Centre (TDNTC) in the National Capital District last Friday.
NCD Governor Powes Parkop, who was a special guest, congratulated the participants and praised the 13 young men who had demonstrated remarkable maturity and open-mindedness in attempting a course seen traditionally as a woman’s trade.
Mr Parkop commended them in completing the course and encouraged them to put the skills they had learnt to good use to benefit their homes and communities.
He said the youths had set an example for their colleagues in the city and the country to follow.
The governor challenged the youths to build a future on the skills attained by using it beyond its traditional applications and venture into income earning possibilities.
“Under my leadership, NCDC will be concentrating on getting small things right for the full benefit of the disadvantaged and little people in NCD and such an initiative gets my full blessing,” Mr Parkop said, to the delight of the participants.
As a major sponsor of the course, Ginigoada Business Development Foundation (GBDF) manager Gabriel Iso congratulated the participants and encouraged them to transform the skills attained into something tangible for the benefit of their lives and their communities.