2 dead, 7 injured in Kokopo fight

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THE murder of a bank employee in the Kokopo market on Saturday has sparked deadly fighting in the town with two dead and seven casualties yesterday morning.
Business houses were forced to close and the Bank South Pacific Group Ltd (BSP), whose employee was murdered, was also shut due to the mayhem.
The Ulagunan youths also attacked the Kokopo Business College but the students had been alerted and were well prepared.
According to police reports, the youths launched the attack thinking that the college students had organised the protest march on Sunday.
However, the march was staged by Highlanders living in Raniolo demanding compensation for the killing of the BSP bank employee.
The Ulagunan youths tore down the college fence and clashed with the students.
The streets were deserted.
St Mary’s Vunapope Hospital medical services director Dr Felix Diaku said two persons were killed in the fighting and seven others were hospitalised.
“Three college students and four are outsiders.
“One of the injured is seriously injured and is fighting for his life,” he added.
Diaku said the dead were yet to be identified and appealed to relatives to help in the identification.
The situation in Kokopo is very tense and police are appealing to the public to take extra safety precautions and remain indoors.
College principal John Karis said: “We know nothing about the protest march and we’re were surprised when the Ulagunan youths attacked us.
“Our students are innocent, regarding the incident on Saturday.
“I told my Highlands students to remain calm and leave the police to deal with the matter.”
Meanwhile, the authorities are working to resolve issues relating to the murder of the BSP employee.