2 forced to parade naked

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YOU only see people tied to a horse and dragged around in an uncivilised manner in Hollywood’s Western cowboy movies.
But, such a similar scene was witnessed real life in Morobe’s Menyamya on Thursday alas improvised with the use of a 10-seater police vehicle and the “victims” stripped naked.
A Menyamya police Sergeant has been suspended from duty after he stripped naked two suspected drug sellers, bound their hands to their back and tied them to a vehicle to parade them in public.
The Sergeant, a rural police station commander, was earlier assaulted and injured by an angry mob who did not approve of such a tactic to shame the two suspects.
Morobe acting police commander Chief Insp John Daviaga told The National that the Sergeant had been suspended from duty pending an investigation into the incident and that his service pistol had also been confiscated.
“Because of the assault, he was taken to Lae for medical treatment. A team from Bulolo and Lae is investigating the suspended Sergeant,” he said.
He said the incident happened on Thursday morning.
“The two men were allegedly caught selling drugs. The Sergeant then ordered them to strip and tied them to the car fully naked.
“They were then dragged and paraded to the police station.
“While this was happening, people called my office. But, before I could intervene, the public took matters into their own hands and assaulted the Sergeant at the police station.”
He said the Sergeant’s pistol was handed over to an Internal Affairs Officer who arrived on Friday morning to probe the incident.
Chief Insp Daviaga said an advance party of investigators from Lae was earlier airlifted to the station and another team from the rural patrol team arrived with the Internal Affairs Officer who issued a suspension letter to the Sergeant.
“I am appalled by the actions taken by the Sergeant,” he said.
“It is alleged that he has done this to others in the district.
“We will deal this issue with Internal Affairs.”


  • What else do you do for such ignorant people who know well drugs are illegal commodity. Out sanity or frustrations such happen. Whom do be blame. Police work so hard to curb such illegal activities. Yet we do it over and over again knowingly. Suspending the Police Sargent will encourage others to continue drug running.

  • I think the Sergeant has done something to discourage sales and consumption of drugs as it is prohibited in the country. However, he has gone beyond the limit under his capacity and even made the suspects naked which was not right to showcase private parts to the public. Internal Affairs to investigate to make fair decisions for the Sergeant and the suspects as well.

  • So this is ‘Christian’ PNG…what an example of dehumanizing behaviour!!. Even Christ on the cross was not treated in such a manner, though horribly crucified. The police sergeant must be totally punished for such defilement of of his responsibilities.

  • Drugs esp. maruana is canabilising our youths who are now mentally affected. It gets worse if mixed with home brew. My hands up to tHis courageous SEARGANT. WHy is he being penalized for fighting a decent war on drug peddlers. if this was In Indonesia (Bali), the two drug peddlers would get the death penalty.

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