2 Tanuvasa lawyers serving in PNG


MANY look up to their oatr siblings for guidance and mentorship, and as their role model.
Mapusaga Tanuvasa Chou-lee (Junior), 25, is one. He is the younger brother of Solicitor-General Tauvasa Tanuvasa who he looks up to as a role model.
Mapusaga is the youngest in a family of five – two brothers and two sisters. Tanuvasa is the eldest.
Dad Mapusaga Tanuvasa Chou-lee (Senior) from Samoa met their mother Amanda in the 1980s when he came to attend the University of Technology in Lae under a scholarship. Mum Amanda’s parents are from Gabagaba in Central and Baluan Island in Manus.
Both parents are accountants by profession.
While most of their family live in Samoa, the two brothers chose to live in PNG.
“My eldest brother is my role model. So I wanted to become a lawyer too because I wanted to make our parents proud. I am my father’s namesake and I have further promoted our name.”

“ My eldest brother is my role model. So I wanted to become a lawyer too because I wanted to make our parents proud. I am my father’s namesake and I have further promoted our name.”
Solicitor-General Tauvasa Tanuvasa and younger brother Mapusaga Tanuvasa Chou-Lee. Picture courtesy of Tauvasa.

Manupasa attributed his success so far to hard work and determination. He managed to overcome the challenges he faced while studying at the University of PNG law school and the Legal Training Institute.
“It’s all about hard work and determination. The ability to sleep two or three hours a day for five days a week and knowing what to sacrifice and what to let go was key to getting admitted.”
Mapusaga attended primary and secondary school in Samoa. In 2013, he attained a Foundation Certificate in Science at the National University of Samoa.
He enrolled at the UPNG law school in 2016 and graduated last year.
He remembers starting at law school with no public speaking skill, but managed to grab one of the three advocacy prizes at the institute: the civil advocacy award.
Big bro Tauvasa was proud to see his youngest brother qualify as a lawyer. And his advice to Mapusaga and other young lawyers is to take time to develop their professional competencies first.
“Do not rush, thinking of making lots of money and being famous quickly.
“Speed has its risks. Be humble and protect your integrity and credibility at all times. Also, learn as much as you can from senior lawyers and mentors.
“Lawyers are seen as leaders and you must not abuse this privilege. You must first of all know your identity and place in society and respect that. And do not take advantage of your profession or defraud others.”
He has a Master’s in Law degree from the Australian National University specialising in Government and Commercial Law.
Tauvasa and all his siblings were born in PNG but he is the only one who has lived here all his life.
Mapusaga plans to be a State litigator then later become a lecturer at the UPNG law school.
“My father and mother would always say: Shoot to the moon and if you miss, then you will land among the stars. I have always believed that it means if one seeks perfection but falls short, one will at least acquire excellence as a result.”
Great advice indeed.

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  • While studying at law school to, I have seen Mapu as one of of those student who is very bright intellectually.
    I confirm that he sees his brother as his role model because everytime I meet him.
    He always speaks highly of him.
    With that being said, a big Congratulations to my Kaimy.

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