20 attend aviation audit course

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MORE than 20 officers from aviation operators attended a week-long aviation audit course on improvements through serious checks and balances.
Course facilitator Richard Bucknell said: “Aviation auditing is checking the health of the management of the company. It is very vital to maintain a place in the aviation industry. Without effective management systems, operators are not safe, therefore, they are not certified to carry out business.”
Mr Bucknell is Southpac Aerospace CEO with more than 20 years international experience in aviation auditing, quality assurance and safety management.
He said in PNG aviation, self-regulation was vital in maintaining international safety standards and having a good work culture and management to pass aviation audits.
At the training last week, course participants were taught the elements which comprised the quality of safety management systems, resources management, process control and monitoring and improvement.
“The audit process starts from the initiation to completion and is covered by monitoring and improvement,” he said, as participants later audited Helifix Operations Limited as part of their training.
One question they asked was: “If you come to work one morning and the air condition at the spare parts storeroom wasn’t working, what would you do?”
Managers at different sections of Helifix were happy to answer questions from the audit team as this was already like a check and balance for Helifix.