20 cops return from manhunt

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TWENTY policemen from the National Capital District (NCD) returned after a three-day search in Central province for the 11 Bomana maximum security unit escapees who broke out on Jan 12.
NCD metropolitan commander , Chief Supt Fred Yakasa met the officers upon their return at Goldie Barracks last Friday afternoon and thanked them for their efforts and endurance in the manhunt.
“Although there was no further recapture of the fugitives, we are determined to continue despite the lack of funds.
“We are not waiting for the money. We will continue with search operations with the limited resources,” he added.
He said despite the pulling out of funds for hired vehicles, “morale is still high here and we will continue to maintain the manhunt”.
Mr Yakasa said he had released 18 officers from his command to the new setup at the headquarters.
“The escapees will not be sleeping or eating well while they are on the run. They should surrender,” he added.