20 graduates to teach in Karimui

National, Normal

The National, Monday 21st November 2011

THE first batch of primary school teachers bound for remote schools in Chimbu’s Karimui district will graduate from the Madang Teachers College this year.
This is the first fruit of a memorandum of agreement between the Chimbu provincial education division, Karimui district administration and the college.
The agreement is aimed at producing
local teachers from Karimui who will stay
in the district to teach children there.
Karimui district administrator Joe Nopro confirmed at the ninth graduation ceremony at Karimui High School last Wednesday that the first 20 students under the five-year agreement would graduate this year.
He said the district, through local MP Posi Menai, provided the financial backing to train the teachers who would now graduate with a diploma in primary teaching early next month.
Nopro said the parents of the graduating students would be flown out of Karimui for the first time and driven to Madang to witness the graduation.
“It will be an opportunity to expose the parents who have been confined to the remote area to see at least something of the rest of the world.”
He said a good number of Karimui educated elites had won positions in the district under the new re-structure.
Chimbu provincial education adviser Essy Walkaima commended the district administration and Menai for supporting the initiative.
He said the initiative was introduced after teachers from outside the district were absent from the schools, resulting in children not learning enough.
Walkaima said the programme “disadvantaged district teachers training” with Madang Teachers College proved successful.